What's Good in the 'Wood

An overdue welcome home

The military creed of leaving no soldier behind takes on new meaning when it comes to veterans who have died but remain unclaimed for burial. But thanks to a volunteer collaborative effort with strong ties to Lakewood, these veterans are... Continue Reading →

Lakewood taps efficient water usage

Keeping Lakewood’s 8,000 acres of parks green under the heat of the summer sun takes a lot of work, but the City’s Parks Division has been accomplishing it while dramatically cutting the amount of water used for grass and park... Continue Reading →

A head start on healthy eating

Lakewood’s effort to foster a complete local food system means looking beyond residents relying on backyard gardening, community gardens and urban farms. In its latest project, the City’s Head Start preschool program is bringing fresh food directly to the families.... Continue Reading →

Growing sustainable neighborhoods

“The program is transformative for the neighborhood and life-changing for those involved,” Christy Cerrone explains. Alyssa Vogan, Lakewood’s sustainability planner who is working with the neighborhoods, adds, “The whole goal of the program is neighbors bettering their community.”

Better than a traffic light

For Traffic Engineering Manager John Padon, a 30-year Lakewood employee, his work day typically entails reviewing and designing signs, roadways and traffic control measures. But a Lakewood resident who doggedly expressed his concerns about the need for a traffic signal... Continue Reading →

$138,000 recovered from Xcel

An incorrect utility bill is always frustrating, but for the City of Lakewood the stakes are just a bit higher than the average residential account. Following an intense amount of double-checking and a lot of number crunching, the City recently... Continue Reading →

Hailstorm brings out employee dedication

When the severe May 8 hailstorm started pelting Lakewood’s Street Maintenance Facility, windshields began to shatter from the golf ball-sized hail, flooding the interiors of the personal cars belonging to maintenance crew members. But the crew ignored the damage to... Continue Reading →

Assistance Française à Lakewood

It’s not every day that Alisha Williams, a resource development specialist for Lakewood, gets to speak French. But when she received a call from the City’s Head Start preschool program asking for help with a mom who speaks French, her... Continue Reading →

The transformation of Rose Stein Elementary

The upcoming opening of Rose Stein International Elementary School in Lakewood is a story of both opportunity and rejuvenation, and it shows what can happen when schools reinvest in neighborhoods. This is a "unique opportunity to be part of a... Continue Reading →

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